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Beautiful Education is a fun way to learn new things online. Featuring the world's greatest football players, our curriculum-aligned video lessons introduce subjects such as Physics, History and Art through an exciting link to the #beautifulgame. Students can earn points and win prizes for completing lessons!

Learn about the Amazon and Marta

Learn about Knee Anatomy with Zlatan Ibrahimović

Learn about Pharoah Ramasese II with Mohamed Saleh

Learn about Football Shirts with Lionel Messi

Learn about Mass and Velocity with Christiano Ronaldo

Learn about Roman Engineering with Frank Lampard

Learn about Fjords with Ole Gunnar Solskjær

Learn about Steel with Harry Kane

Learn about Mecca with Mohamed Salah

Learn about Plate Tectonics with Çağlar Söyüncü

Learn about Statistics with Nick Pope

Learn about Diect with Pep Guardiola

How This Works

This website offers a growing library of lessons created by educational experts to reflect the best practises of Cambridge Univeristy's International GCSE courses. Our users can explore a wide range of subjects with the help of famous football players and managers.


Our lessons are grouped into subjects, such as Mathematics, Geography, Biology, and Art & Design.


Each lesson contains an educational Video accompanied by a Test and extensive Revision Notes.


Our videos feature some of the world's greatest footballers like Ronaldo, Messi, Salah and others.


Test your football trivia knowledge and discover fascinating facts about the game's legends!

Take Lessons

Learn a wide range of subjects with the help of your favourite football players. After watching the videos, you can test your knowledge by answering a few simple questions.

Get all questions right to complete a lesson and earn points if you have registered!

Get Points & Badges

Learning should be rewarding, which is why registered users get points for each lesson they take! You also earn fun badges for completing lessons, subjects, and even for simply creating your free profile.

Collect all badges and compete against other football fans!

Win Prizes!

Each month, the user with the highest point score will be awarded our "World Champion" badge and a special prize! When multiple players have the same points total, the winner will be decided by a draw.

We also run regular giveaways for our subscribers - so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!